Why it is important to have a sizing guide on your website

Everyone knows the disappointment of ordering clothing online and being so excited to finally accept them ... and then they do not match. What happened? You always order a medium size, so why not matching up correctly? Here is the answer: As surprising as it was, the size of the clothing store is different, depending on where they are manufactured and designed. A bigger is not always great you are used to. foreign clothing store may also provide a European or other countries sizes. That is why it is important for an online boutique to display the size guide on their pages. Sizing guides usually provide the appropriate range of inches for each size offered. With this information, buyers can measure themselves at home if they are not sure about which size to choose. Not only for buyers profitable size chart. Make sure customers purchase the correct size to prevent the return, the customer is not happy, bad reviews, and even to increase sales because customers' satisfaction. Research has shown that retails experience an average of 28% in the interim results to 80% of this due to the size of the problem. A size chart clear and detailed plus solid Terms of Service may also help return you when a customer wants to return a product.

Tips: Easy to understand the size chart Most of the time, only small, medium and large are not enough. It is important for online shoppers to have some references about how the clothes fit on their body. Provide measurements such as length inseam, arms and waistline will give a better idea of ??what to expect. Provide additional information that is not relying on numbers and measurements Not everyone has a measuring tape at home or out of their measurements. That is why it is important to also provide additional guidance to follow. Your customers should be able to determine their size without knowing their measurements. Provide information about the pieces of items such as width or shape fit and fit true to size or is unable to help customers understand and determine the size to choose. The position of the graph size: Make sure you size chart looks or easy to find the right when a customer clicks on style. It is all about comfort. Shrink and should seek information leading to shopping cart abandonment or sale has not been completed. Review: Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your page, mention the fit and size of the product. This will give you a new customer reference. Having someone else share their experiences can help not only to choose the right size but to gain confidence in the brand and the online store. Returns: Making return items convenient for your customers. It sometimes takes a few tries to find the right size for a piece and making it difficult to find what it destroys trust and comfort. These customers will most likely not return to your store. Keeping them confident that they will find what they are looking to make customers come back and refer you to what you offer to potential new customers. All in all, to avoid back and make customers happy, it is important to make finding the right size is as easy as possible. The more work you put into providing the information, the more you will get rewarded with a sale.